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Semper Fidelis (ad Führer)

2012-02-14 01:32:59 // The Operator
US Marines pose with Schutzstaffel flag


Marine Corps officials say the Marines who posed with this Nazi SS flag did so because they had no idea those distinct S’s were Nazi symbols, they just thought it was a neat font they could use to represent sniper scouts, the Associated Press’s Julie Watson reports. “I don’t believe that the Marines involved would have ever used any type of symbol associated the Nazi Germany military criminal organization that committed mass atrocities in WWII,” Camp Pendleton spokeswoman Maj. Gabrielle Chapin told Watson. She summarized Chapin’s explanation as the Marines making a “naïve mistake.” The Marines will not be punished.

- Marine Corps Insists Marines Are Too Dumb
to Know This Is a Nazi Flag

The tricky thing about loyalty: it is easily misplaced.

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