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Partisan Prophylaxis

2012-01-30 05:18:12 // The Operator

The actual gap between the parties’ political attitudes has not increased substantially over time and that members of both parties have consistently overestimated the size of that gap.

Moreover, Chambers’ team found that those who perceived the greatest political polarization were more politically engaged – for example, more likely to have voted in the last election, tried to influence the vote of other voters, attended political rallies, or donated money to a party or candidate.

- The Imagined Ideological Divide
The Situationist

Whether by design or accident, the false dichotomy accomplishes something decidedly against the interests of the herd.

Those who have hope for change follow the pied piper off into the sunset and any “real” plan of action manages to stay off the table…

For those whom panem et circenses fails, voting remains a doubleplusgood solution to the problem of urban pacification.

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