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Mind Hack: Manipulating Metacognition

2011-12-20 03:54:08 // The Operator


If you pay people to complete puzzles instead of paying them for being smart, they lose interest in the game. If you pay children to draw, fun becomes work.

Payment on top of compliments and other praise and feeling good about personal achievement are powerful motivators, but only if they are unexpected. Only then can you continue to tell the story that keeps you going; only then can you still explain your motivation as coming from within.

- The Overjustification Effect

[via This Isn't Happiness]

To ruin a subject’s source of happiness, the subject must be convinced that the object of the exercise exists outside the experience thereof; the pursuit of happiness vis a vis anything but experience yields apathy – or worse.

More’s the pity for a well-paid miserablist.

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